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This weeks “ByAvisa” ( a norwegian newspaper )is out and they had an article about Trollfjord, about the Trollfjord sponsored artist Remi “Jokr” Graarud and our work with the charity “NyStart” ( NewStart”). Sadly its just in Norwegian, but the work we did was support them by giving “NyStart” some soccer jerseys to take with them to an orphanage in Cape Town and\or an orpahanage in Thailand. We will post pictures and videos on here when we get some from the great people of “NyStart”.


This news was written simply because Trollfjord Natural Energy gave away 100% of all money they made in 2012, wich we are very proud of. We will keep giving, but when we can, so lets hope that 2013 is a great year for everybody!


Here you can visit “NyStart”:

Visit “Jokr” here:

And read the article here:

And ofcourse you can read last years article here:

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