Per Erik Nilsen “Race Report – Manchester”

An update from Per Erik Nilsen:

I`m back in Norway after the first race of the season. I will be at the eastside for two weeks, before i head over to france for the euro-rounds. It was fun to finally race again in Manchester!. The indoor supercross track is probably the best track in europe! Allways perfect shaped and superfast!. Friday evening training was pretty good, did some good gates and got dailed in the track for saturday`s race. On saturday we raced late evening, with UCI points. a total of 51 elite riders from the whole world was signed up. I got a pretty stacked moto with Evans,Baier,Graf,Scherpen,jerry and Dobois. I was kinda nervous before the fist moto starting from lane seven, but got in a second place after a clean lap. followed by a 5th and 4th place in the next two rounds. Totally missed the gate in the quarterfinal, and the day was over. But ok happy with the result. On sunday they mixed elite and juniors together with a total of 67 riders. New motos each round gave me three 3rd places . In the 1/8 i final i got 4th and i was ready for the quarter. Like i did on saturday i messed it up on the gate and i was back in pack, and got knocked out with a 6th place. All over im pretty happy with my riding and the results for the first race of the year…now i have to work in the details for next race in France!


We are very proud of you “Perry”!


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