“Trollfjord Natural Energy” is owned by “Troll Natural Energy AS”, the company was started in 2012 and is located in Fredrikstad – Norway.

Trollfjord is what we call a “superior energy drink”, we have alot of natural herbs like:


Panax Ginseng



And the taste is like nothing else on the market today, a mix between norwegian forest blueberries and maracuja. Very refreshing and it fits great with a nice meal or a good bottle of champagne.

The owners of Troll Natural Energy AS is a couple of friends that came up with the idea of making something exclusive and special, and then to choose energy drink was simply because its never been done before and its a huge challenge to make a high-end exclusive energy drink.

The owners have been working day and night for 2 years to finish the taste, design and recipe. Finally in November 2012 they finished and in January 2013 they started to sell and its been growing everyday since.